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Trust & safety for you is our highest priority

Through Budkeep you and your guest should feel safe by the structure of our service. We make it easier to trust the person who stores at your location, and at the same time, we help the guest feel safe that its stuff will come to no harm.

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    Safety is our highest priority. Our booking process amke sure you get access to the storage space before payout is made to the host.

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    To help you feel safe, insurance is included for both the renter and the host. As a host you should feel safe as your space is insured, and as a guest your stuff is insured for up to 20 000 kr.Read more

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    Budkeep builds on trust. To get you a head start on feeling trust to others on our platform, we do everything we can to verify and identify identities of all our members, so you can build trust to the person you’re talking to here.

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    We have different levels of verification, where you can see how the host has verified itself on its profile page, the different levels of verification we offer include email, phone number, drivers license & personal identity card.

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    Sage Messaging

    Messaging through Budkeep's website allows you to communicate without sharing private contact information.

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    Upon accepting a booking you enter an agreement in order for both of you to feel safe in what you have agreed upon. What’s included in the agreement is our Terms of Use and the information found on the listings description page.

3 quick tips!

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    Ask questions

    Budkeep builds on trust, ask each other questions with our chat service before making a booking.

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    Pay through the platform

    Make agreements and pay through the platform, it is important for us to be able to help you minimize the risks for both of you. And a must for the insurance to be valid.

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    Photograph your stuff

    It’s always a good idea to photograph the items you store. Both for the sake of you remembering what you’re storing but also for insurance reasons.

We’re always here for you if you need help

You get in contact with us in the way that suits you the best. For fast responses, we recommend our live chat. For bigger questions, you’re welcome to send us an email or message instead.