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How to get started renting a storage with Budkeep

How to get started renting a storage space with Budkeep

Storing your things has never been easier! By using Budkeep, you can rent an affordable space near you.

With Budkeep you can get started and rent a storage space with 3 simple steps:

Find a storage space

Signup and search for a storage space that suits you. Form an opinion about the space by reading in the listing about accessibility, what is suitable to be stored in the space, as well as browse through the pictures.

  • Go to www.budkeep.com and search in the main menu
  • Enter the city where you are looking for space and click on the search icon
  • Browse the listings and navigate using the map to find the location you want
  • Click on a listing and read specifications and description about the space

Send a request

Select the dates you want to rent the space in the calendar and press "Send request". In the next step, you will see an overview of your request, where you have the opportunity to fill in a message to your potential Host and also fill in your payment details. After filling in this information, click on "Confirm payment". A conversation is now started with the Host regarding the rental period you have selected. You will not be charged any money in this step.

  • You now have the opportunity to chat with your Host, if you have any questions you can always asks the Host here
  • Your Host now has the options to deny or accept your request. You and the Host can communicate freely in the meantime.
  • If your Host chooses to accept your request, your account will be charged.

Start using the space!

Voila! Congratulations on a good choice! Now it's just up to you and the Host to decide a time to meet up. Keep in mind that the availability of the space varies depending on what your Host has for terms in the agreement.

  • When you meet your Host, make sure that its identity is the same as that in the listing, by showing ID cards.
  • We recommend that you take photos of the objects that you will store.
  • If keys to the storage space are included in the contract, remember to get access to them.
  • Once you have met and gained access to your space, go back to Budkeep.com again and enter into the conversation with your Host and confirm that you have gained access.