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How to get started renting a storage with Budkeep

How to Host

Budkeep is a perfect opportunity to make money on unused- or underutlilized space, while doing something good for someone else, and the environment! On our platform you can list and rent out all types of space: an empty room in your apartment, a wardrobe, a storage in the basement, a parking spot, a barn for seasonal storage of a boat or caravan, a piece of lawn suitable for parking or why not rent out your summer cabin off season?

Become a member and post a listing

The first step to becoming a Budkeeper is to register as a member on our website. It's fast and simple, and you can do it right here. As a member you can list your storage space for free. In the listing you add images and post a description about the details about the space. Be as accurate as possible for your Renters sake.

As a Host you decide when you want to rent out and set specific rules and regulations for your space. If you have any questions about posting a listing do not hesitate to contact us.

It’s important to, after posting your listing, go directly to your account details and go to the tab "Payments" and add your Pay-Out Settings. This is important since, without it, you can't receive requests or payouts from us.

Receive requests

Renters send booking requests and contact you through our platform. You will be notified by email when you receive a request. As a Host, you decide who gets to rent your space. Through our messenger, you can solve any questions that pop into your mind.

If everything seems fine with a potential Renter you can Accept the request.

The Renter is now charged a preliminary amount for the entire rental period.

Together you decide a time for the Renter to move in.

Make money

When it's time for your Renter to move in, remember to bring the keys (if such are included) and other things that may be needed to access and use the space according to your agreement. Welcome your Renter. Please take a picture of the space with the Renters items in it, documentation can be useful in the event of a dispute.

When the Renter gains access to the space and you have confirmed this through our platform you start making money!

We schedule a payout a few days after the Renter has moved in and made sure that everything has gone according to plan :-)

Extra: Tips & tricks


We recommend you speak with your insurance company about the space you are planning to rent out. When listing a space connected to- or inside your property (e.g. basement storage or a room inside your apartment) its important that you have home insurance, as this covers any damages on your space. Transactions made on our platform include insurance for your space for during the rental period for most damages made to your space due to the rental.


Budkeep is built on trust. By taking care of your Renter your chances increase to receive a good review, which increases the likelihood of renting out spaces in the future, at a higher price.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. We strive to answer your inquiries as soon as possible! You can get in touch with us fast through the live chat in the bottom right corner or by email, hello@budkeep.com, if you would rather speak with us on the phone, contact us by chat or email and leave your phone number and we'll call you up.