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How to get started renting a storage with Budkeep

A smart storage option!

Together we make the storage industry smart and sustainable!

We, the founders of Budkeep, believe that it is too expensive to rent storage space. Meanwhile, building new facilities and buildings just for the sake of storing our stuff makes no sense and has a high impact on the environment.

We help to change this with our smart platform that makes it possible for individuals and companies to make money on space they maybe don’t even use.

This is why Budkeep was founded in 2018 - to make this type of behavior possible. We create a new, simple, and safe way to make money on already existing space. Our service is based on sharing economy - a platform that helps people share resources with each other.

  • Our Hosts get a new flexible revenue stream.
  • Our Renters can find storage options located exactly where they want it, for up to 50% lower than traditional storage companies’ prices.
  • The cities spaces are used in a more efficient way and the storage markets’ environmental impact is reduced. We’d like to call it a win-win-win.

At Budkeep, you can rent out all types of spaces: it could be a parking spot, storage, a barn, a piece of land, a garage… you name it!

Do you want to know more or have any questions? Open the chat in your lower right corner and we’ll answer you as soon as we can!

About the insurance

On-demand insurances through Omocom

Through our partner Omocom all involved parties can feel safe as all transactions on the platform are insured during the rental period.

If anything would happen during the rental, just fill in this document which is sent to Omocom who will do their best to assist you with the claim.

For questions regarding the insurance you reach Omocom by phone +46(0)8 - 520 278 70 or email hello@omocom.se